Auramony (1996)


1: Overture - Transcending Into The Light (3:33)
2: Red - My Will Is My Way (4:36)
3: Orange - Cogito Ergo Sum (5:10)
4: Blue - The Path of Love (6:20)
5: White - Reflections In The Mirror (4:54)
6: Violet - The Mystic Charm (5:41)
7: Yellow - Brainstormdancer (7:40)
8: Green - A Midsummernight´s Stream (7:26)
9: Epilogue - Like A Rainbow (7:02)

Album Information:
Lanvall: electric & 12-string acoustic guitar, mandolin, piano, keyboards and pipe organ
Gandalf: sitar & classical guitar on "Violet", 6-string acoustic guitar on "Green", electric guitar on the intro of "Yellow"
Peter Aschenbrenner: flutes
Ulbi Ulbricht: bassguitar
Thomas Schaufler: drums
Choir: Viva Musica

All music and words by Lanvall except "Violet" and the intro of "Yellow" by Lanvall and Gandalf

Recorded at Roxanne Studio (Germany) and Seagull Music Studio (Austria) October - November 1995

Engineered and Mixed by Davide Piai

Produced by Lanvall and Davide Piai

Choir parts written and arranged by Lanvall, Choir recorded in Altenberg (Austria)

Mixed at Roxanne Studio, Leonberg (Germany),

Additional arrangements by Davide Piai and Hansi Fuchs

Choir conducted by Ludwig Stürmer, Davide Piai and Lanvall

Cover artwork by Inge Tomazic

Layout by Steffi Ulbricht