Birthday:5th of January
Favorite Bands :Death, Malevolent Creation, Katatonia, Opeth
Favorite Musicians :Sean Reinert, Gene Hoglan,Ken Bedene, Hans Zimmer
Best Conzert :Death/Dimmu Borgir a looong time ago in Vienna
Hobbys:Nature photography (, drumming, 3D graphics & animation
Movie, Series:The Thing, Avatar, King of Queens, Mr.Robot
Favorite Actor:Denzel Washington, Leonardo di Caprio, Al Pacino
Color :Black
Animal :nearly all
Food :Vegetarian & Sweeties
Drink :Spring Water, Bio beer
Favorite Song : The Sun Always Shines On TV (A-ha)
Dream Holidays :Essentially in anture and no mass tourism
Life Dream :Enjoy life´s journey, but leave no scars

Johannes is also drummer in Thirdmoon, Woodtemple, Bereavement