Arcana - Score

Rock Hard (GER) : 9/10 points, Soundcheck position 7
Metal Hammer (GER): 6/7 points, Soundcheck position 11
Metal Heart (GER): 9,5/10 points, Soundcheck position 4
Heavy oder was ? (GER): 11/12 points, Soundcheck position 11
Rock It (GER): 5,5/6 points
Flash (I): 95/100 points, Album of the month
Metal Factory (CH): 9,6/10 points, Album of the month
Hard´n Heavy (F): 4/5 points, Album of the month
Aardschock (NL): 80/100 points
Burn Magazine (J): 80/100 points

Walls of Fire (GER): 4,5/5 points
Scream (GER): 5/6 points
Metal Observer (GER): 9/10 points
Rockavalanche (GER): 30/30 points
Internet-Metal (GER): 9/10 points
Underground-Empire (GER): 9/10 points
Rockcircus (E): 7,5/10 points
Metalexpress (N): 8/10 points
Metal-Realm (GR): 8,5/10 points
Metal-District (GER): 8,5/10 points
Tombstone (GR): 8/10 points
Struttermag (GER): 8,5/10 points
Metal Will Never Die (I): 9/10 points
Metal (I): 7,5/10 points
Fame of Metal (GER): 1.0 (highest possible grade)
Jester´s News (GER): 13/15 points
Metalius (GER): Album of the month
(CAN): 4,5/5 points
Sea of Tranquility
(USA): 4,5/5 points
(A): 7/7 points
(USA): 8,5/10 points
Rocktime (F): 9/10 points
Majestic Magazine
(USA): 8/10 points
Eagle (GR): 8/10 points
(GER): 5/6 points
(FIN): 8/10 points
(I): 6/7 points
Metal Italia
(I): 4/5 points
Gate of Lions: 5,75/7 points
Rock Reunion
(GER): 8,5/10 points
Silent Scream
(I): 6,5/7 points
Metal Temple
(GR): 9/10 points

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