In the tension between singer with years of studio and stage experience and work in a social context, Sabine has developed her individual and sensitive access to the voice and personality work.

Empathetically she works prior on the basics of breathing and voice and personal issues which are always in connection therewith. She accompanies her students, clients and trainees on their own goals. Laymen and professionals - singers, speakers and vocal enthusiasts benefit from a holistic approach to the voice as an expression of the "whole human being".

Even for professionals it's helpful to go back to the basics and refocus every and now again, because a professional handling of voice demands for a lifetime and is always in relationship with everything we stand for.

People on the other hand, believing in not being able to sing, thereby restrict themselves unconsciously in daily life and can discover and face new facets in themselves by a "liberation of the voice".

"Where's tension, there´s no vibration" Evemarie Haupt, Sabine's much appreciated vocal coach and founder of Integrative voice therapy, quotes. Therefore it's pivotal to reduce tensions without being "limpy". A balance act, which can only succeed, when we do things with joy.

The decision to give the voice more space, also means a conscious decision for personal expression and to rediscover this impartiality of childhood. Sabine: "Let your soul sing more often!"

Sabine's Coachings & Trainings are only in German language. So if you're looking for more details, please have a look to her German wesite.