The Bonding Reviews

Dark Spy (Germany) Album of the month, Soundcheck Position 1
Breakout (Germany) Album of the month (Over the top)
Slam Magazin (Austria) 9,5/10
Rock It (Germany) 9/10, Soundcheck Position 5
EMP (Germany)
Blast (Germany)
FFM Rock (Germany)
Stormbringer (Austria) 5/5
Stormbringer Studio Report (Austria)
Sea Of Tranquility (USA) 5/5
Dangerdog (USA) 5/5
Rock Garage (Germany) 10/10
Ravenheart Music (USA) 10/10
Melodic Hard Rock Today (Norway) 100/100
Concrete Web (Belgium) 95/100
Heavy Metal (Germany)
Necroweb (Germany) 10/10
Femmemetal Magazine (UK) 90/100
Metal Temple (USA) 9/10
The Front Row Report (USA) 9/10
In Your Face (Germany) 9/10
Metal Message (Germany) 9/10
Heavy (Austria) 4,5/5
Earshot (Austria) 6/7
Dead Rhetoric (USA) 8,5/10
Lords of Metal (Netherlands) 85/100
Metal Factory (Switzerland) 8,6/10
Time for Metal (Germany) 8,5/10
CD Starts (Germany) 8,5/10
Battlehelm (USA)
Blogcritics (UK)
Sweden Rock Magazine (Sweden) 8/10
Metal & Hard Rock Hammer (Hungary) 8/10
Metal Glory (Germany) 9/10
Rockpages (Greece) (Netherlands)
Lesen, Laufen, Lauschen (Germany)
Metal Sickness (France)
Colpop (USA)
Metal Sound (Serbia) 8,5/10
Uberrock (UK)
Metal Underground (Austria)
Rock United (USA) 4/5
Metal Traveller (USA) 4/5
Kalle Rock (Germany)
Sonic Cathedral (USA) 8,5/10
Blackwindmetal (UK) 4/5
Stalker (Germany) 8/10
Metal (Germany) 8/10
Whiskey Soda (Germany)
Metal Sound (UK) 8,5/10
Metalirium (Slovakia) 8,5/10
Medicine Mag (Germany) 11/13
All Around Metal (Italy) 4,5/5
Metal Rules (USA) 4,5/5
Metal Inside (Germany)
The Pit (Germany) 8/10